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How to Choose Reputable Movers

When you’re ready to move into a new home, you need the right people to get the job done. The best movers are reputable, affordable, and provide excellent service. They also offer a variety of options, like storage, packing, and specialty item handling. Before you choose a moving company, ask for an estimate. It’s best to get an in-person estimate, as that’s the most accurate way to determine how much your move will cost. When you receive the estimate, pay close attention to any extra charges or fees. Make sure the movers include all costs of labor and materials, as well as any applicable taxes.

There are different types of movers London Ontario movers, depending on how much work you want to do yourself and how much you’re willing to pay for professionals to do for you. Full-service movers pack your belongings, load them onto their truck, and transport them to your new home. This is the easiest option, but it can also be the most expensive.

Part-service movers are cheaper than full service movers, but they’ll only do the things you hire them to do. They’ll pack up the boxes you provide, and may charge you for labor to disassemble and reassemble furniture. They’ll also load and unload the moving truck, and help you unpack at your new home.

A hybrid option is a mobile moving container. This is similar to a PODS container, but it’s not permitted on NYC streets (due to street regulations). A moving container can be placed in your driveway for staging purposes during your move, and then sent to your next home after you sell your house.

The most important thing to keep in mind when hiring movers is that they’re professionals. They’re trained to handle your belongings safely and quickly, and they know how to properly wrap furniture, boxes, and other items. You should treat them with the same respect as you would your own friends and family members.

If something is damaged during the move, it’s important to notify the movers IN WRITING within 30 days of the move. This will allow you to pursue a resolution through Small Claims Court if necessary.

On top of that, it’s a good idea to ask the movers about their liability insurance. Most movers will at least offer basic released value coverage, which covers 60 cents per pound for items that are lost or damaged during the move. You can also purchase additional insurance coverage from your moving company if you’d like more protection. If you’re moving long distance, you should consider additional coverage options, such as full value or declared value. You should also talk to your moving company about what types of indoor furniture they will and won’t break down, as this can affect the overall cost of your move. This is particularly important if you have antiques or other high-value items. Lastly, make sure you’re aware of any additional fees, such as a truck rental fee or mileage fee.

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